Check (Young Thug Remix)

by Inhansed & Expy

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A remix to "Check" by Young Thug



Shouts out Lil Dicky, Sway and Expy
I just had to get Young Thug to check me
Tried Pound Cake then i found the Check beat
No rapper should even try to test me..

Honestly though, what you're sayin' you do,
ain't matchin' up at all to the real life you
I'm the only white rapper with a name like Drew,
that can spit a little bit. check the FM crew
And if you rock with this shit, yo you're one of the few
bout to peace the fuck out like my homeboy Lew
Who would've known that when I jumped, I flew
I'd be flying off the handle at dudes like you
In a Stu Man Suit. Keep on bumpin' cause I'm not done
Awesome, keep on chasing, but you're outrun
How come, In and Ex gotta blast em?
Play possum, cause we ended you in round one
Now they stuttering worse than Joe Biden
No Facebook, I'm the guy you're profilin'
If you know whats good, homie better stay silent
'fore you end up like JFK and boy gets violent

[spoken interlude]
They tried to tell us what the fuck we can't play.
Motherfuckers tryin' to tell us what the fuck we can't say.
We say what the fuck we wanna say.
So everybody, put them middle fingers high in the sky..

Tell me to dumb it down, I don't fuck around
Pummel the bitches thinkin' that I ain't rugged now
I've been asked why happiness missin'
'cause I got a chip on my shoulder like fuckin' Peter Griffin
and I'm winnin' , every battle that I'm enterin'
so bad, you'll delete your fuckin' DAW and never pen again.
Try to tell me to get better at rap,
you desolate fag, way to say to the kettle is black
Imagine a kid with a wrist watch and a gym bag
about to hit a fuckin' body slam on a big fat
rhinoceros on his damn horn as he hits, splat
and does all that shit in a sick hat.
(c-c-c-combo breaker)
Ha, I described myself,
I just rhyme motherfucker, all by myself
My punchlines, motherfucker, they will last through hell
So just die, motherfucker, that 9 won't help


released June 7, 2016
From "IN[d]EX"



all rights reserved


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